Entering Beanterra

Beanterra is an turn-based tactics NFT Play-To-Earn game built on Zilliqa and Ethereum with a focus on sustainability. Planet Beanterra is filled with Beanels – diverse and lovable creatures that roam the realm filled with lush landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and deep blue oceans. Explore Beanterra and find out their untold story!

Beanels are the dominant life form on planet Beanterra. There are 4 classes of Beanels depending on their native habitats, each with different movement abilities and restrictions. Fin Beanels who swim the vast oceans, Leaf Beanels who inhabit the jungles and forests, Fur Beanels who roam the grasslands and lush plains and Winged Beanels who conquer the skies of Beanterra.

Fight for Survival

Peace was fun while it lasted, until the Bemoths—gigantic mutant lifeforms that devour all life—mysteriously appeared and began to overrun Beanterra. An earthling, the last light of hope for the Beanels, has come to the rescue to restore harmony to the realm of Beanterra.


Train and Retaliate

Under the earthling’s leadership, Beanels can strategize, train, and develop tactics to take down Bemoths and uncover their shocking origin.

Beanel with Stats and Power

Game Play


Explore and battle with Bemoths in a turn-based tactical action adventure!


Collect relics to power up, combine to craft new relics, or even sell them as NFTs.


Beanels inherit their parents traits. Breed your own Beanel to match your play style.


Genesis Particle
In game token which can be earned through gameplay
Beanz Token
Real-world sustainability action token which can be used in-game